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Cybersecurity for the 99%
Security tools are usually built for larger organizations but 99% of businesses are smaller businesses. Atro is the tool bringing cybersecurity to everyone else.
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A cybersecurity platform built for the rest of us
Atro is a refreshing new tool simplifying digital security for smaller businesses and the providers that serve them
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"After searching for a very long time for a way to secure my business from Cyberattacks, I found Atro.  No other product that I found delivered the security that Atro does at the cost that it does which makes it affordable to smaller businesses like ours.”
Kevin Johnson
“I had grown frustrated with the investment of my time that was required of the “security stack” that I had built with multiple point solutions in order to secure my customers. Atro has allowed me a streamlined way to protect my clients and to get my time back”
Conner Wilkinson
"I was always nervous about the fact that our business could suffer a cyberattack before I found Atro. Rolling out Atro for our cybersecurity has allowed me to sleep better at night knowing that our business is secure.”
Jason Nunez
Virtual Assistant
A simplified take on security that puts you first
We’re tackling the obstacles that make getting secure so hard for so many
Up and running in minutes
Built for non-experts
Removes the complexity
Priced for real businesses
Our Mission
Accessible cybersecurity for all
Atro is not just another security tool, we’re a dedicated team of experts with a belief that real security shouldn’t be reserved for the 1%. We see security as a fundamental right for all businesses.
Why We Built Atro
How does Atro work?
A simple security process that anyone can master
How Atro works infographic showing step by step how Atro goes from smart security suggestions to a security score
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Made for those who need it the most
Typical cybersecurity tools are built for technical people by technical people, leaving everyone else out. We’ve simplified the process so everyday operators and experts alike can get secure.
Smaller Businesses
Small businesses Illustration
SMB operators getting basic security measures in place
Service Providers
Service Providers Illustration
MSPs offering more security tools to their customers
Insurance Companies
Insurance company Illustration
Insurance providers using actual risk metrics to underwrite
What makes Atro different?
Features designed to make security accessible for all
App Marketplace
Security isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we built our foundational tools into a marketplace so you only use the tools that you need. We partner with the best providers that way you can make sure you’re getting the right security at the right time.
Comprehensive scoring
Atro security scoring allows businesses, partners, and other stakeholders to quickly and easily understand the security posture of an organization. For the organizations themselves, Atro's scoring capability points out areas of vulnerability that need attention.
Simple, guided experience
Knowing what to do when is the key to good security. We tell you exactly what to do, and how to do it. So you don’t have to know about security to get secure.
Quick actions in atro
Let’s put a stop to cyberattacks, together
Illustration of people securing their companies with Atro
Every business needs security just like every house needs doors. Atro is here to be your partner so you can rest easy at night knowing your business is protected against the devastating attacks SMBs face every day.
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