Cloud Security

Think your cloud applications are secure? Think again.

Most cloud tools are insecure out of the box. Atro instantly identifies weak security settings and vulnerabilities and helps you to fix them.

61% of organizations have at least one misconfigured cloud service

Atro optimizes the security configuration of common cloud tools
Our simple & secure connectors make sure your cloud tools are properly configured so you can stop attacks
Google Workspace
Microsoft 365
Your bases covered
Properly optimizing settings and configurations is one of the most important parts of any cloud security program
Multi-factor Authentication
Weak passwords
Departed team members
Excessive admin accounts
Unoptimized configurations
And more
A simpler way to secure your cloud
Instant Connection
We use secure standards like OAUTH2.0 to make connecting to your tools simple and secure
Atro never asks for your password
Secure, best practices throughout
Authenticate with cloud apps
Automated Resolution
Fixing things is often the hangup. Atro automates enabling security configurations so you don't have to.
Auto-enables security settings
Monitors and corrects insecure configurations
Persistant Monitoring
Ongoing security checks constantly monitor the security state of your services
Ongoing scans
Alert when if a problem arises
Quick actions in Atro
Guided Resolution
We show you how things work so you don’t have to guess
Individual checks and actions
Insightful information
Cloud apps shouldn't be your weakness
The Atro Way
Our foundational tools get you from zero to secure in no time at all
Easy, automatic connections
Instant results
Guided actions
Automated configuration
The Old Way
Complex, expensive, time consuming, disconnected
Manual, self-guided configuration
Incorrectly assuming cloud tools are secure
Point-in-time data
Expensive, point solution platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

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