Foundational security tools in one place
Security isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we built our foundational tools into a marketplace so you only use the tools that you need.
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Atro Product Marketplace
Atro marketplace dashboard overview
Say Hello to the Anti-Point Solution
One easy to understand dashboard that puts all your security tools in one place
How the Atro dashboard works
Understand Risk. Address Risk. Score Risk.
Discover your risk
Atro security starts with assessing your risk. Our security assessment tools help you easily understand your vulnerabilities.
Easily understand existing security posture
Be alerted to specific areas of vulnerability & risk
Prescribed remedies & fixes
Quick actions in Atro
Address Your Risk
Atro guides you every step of the way to implement the critical security controls you need
Step by step guide makes addressing vulnerabilities easy
Assignments to team members for needed action
Easy to understand actions & reporting
Score Your Risk
Atro security scoring allows you to understand critical areas of risk and overall health
Individual scores highlight areas needing action & improvement
Ability to understand overall security posture in one number
Easily shareable to partners & stakeholders
This is the default text value
Illustration of team coming together to secure their company
We've made security a team sport
It's no longer all on your shoulders
Atro’s team-centric approach spreads security actions throughout your team, so you're not burdened with it all.
Automatic onboarding
Automatically allocates tasks to team members upon sign up
Effortless management
Automatically assigns reoccurring trainings, policies, & required actions
Team participation
Intuitive design makes completion of tasks & participation simple
No seat-based fees
All-inclusive pricing includes security for your whole team
Our Foundational Cybersecurity Tools
Atro’s foundational security tools help you get solid security with minimal effort
Security Assessment
A simple tool to test your security
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Awareness Training
Easy training for your your team
Phishing Protection
Instant, always-on team testing
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Atro's phishing dashboard
Cloud security
Basic security for common tools
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Easily adopt and implement best-in-class policies
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And so much more...
Our growing library of security tools help you to cover your specific security needs
Google Workspace
Microsoft 365
Phishing Test
Security Policy
Awareness Training
Device Scanner
Device Security
Password Policy
Data Disposal Policy
Incident Response Policy
Sensitive Data Policy
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Forget what you think about cybersecurity
The Atro Way
Our foundational tools get you from zero to secure in no time at all
Designed for non-experts - easy to setup and manage
Consolidated tools built specifically for the most common security issues
Easily onboard team members & track progress
The Old Way
Complex, expensive, time consuming, disconnected
Time intensive and hard to learn
Narrow set of security features
Doesn’t work for the whole team

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