Security Assessment

Find out where you’ll be attacked.

Don’t know where you stand? It’s ok. We’ve built a free assessment to help you identify your risks instantly and give you a plan so you know where to start.

Atro Assessment results overview
Getting started is easy
Atro’s Security Assessment makes it easy to understand your risks & fix them
360 analysis
Our free Security Assessment helps you to identify your risks instantly and to understand where you are most likely to get attacked.
Risk visualized
Your security risk is represented in one simple meter so you can understand your overall risk easily.
Data-driven suggestions
Your customized report prioritizes issues and makes it easy to understand how to get started fixing them.
How it works
Get your free assessment result in minutes
Enter your email
Answer a few simple questions
Receive your results
The importance of a reliable assessment
Other tools require too much time and energy to get testing running, we’ve made is simple to get started.
See your blind spots
To fix security issues, you must first understand what they are. Atro’s Security Assessment gives you a clear picture of your risk in minutes.
Build confidence
Atro helps you to address your security issues step by step. Sleep well knowing that your organization is secure.
Cover your bases
Take a global perspective on securing your environment versus relying on individual tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

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