Phishing Simulation

90% of cyber breaches come from phishing. Is your team prepared?

Testing your team against phishing scams is the most impactful way to ensure they don’t fall for them. Atro makes it so simple anyone can do it.

By the time you finish reading this page, you could be protecting your team against phishing attacks.

You have better things to do than manage phishing tests
Other tools require your time and energy to set up and run tests. We make it simple and automatic.
Up and running in minutes
Automatic campaigns and templates
Ongoing testing always running
Automatic training of your team
Just the right features to inform, but not overwhelm
Simple & Automated
No need to build & run campaigns
Automatically deployed & dynamic phishing emails
Ongoing testing & training
Easy to understand reporting
Identify High Risk Offenders
Automatically flag users that fall for multiple phishing tests
Automatically deployed & dynamic phishing emails
Training that doesn’t make people feel bad
Automatic Template Creation
No need to create phishing templates
Choose categories and Atro automatically creates smart templates
Add your logo and team information for realistic tests
How it works
Start your phishing simulation in minutes
Select who to phish
See Results
Don’t spend your day managing phishing & training
The Atro Way
Our foundational tools get you from zero to secure in no time at all
Pre-built phishing templates
Always running
Simple & fast setup for both existing and new team members
Easily track results and spot repeat offenders
The Old Way
Complex, expensive, time consuming, disconnected
Need to manually create phishing templates
Need to manually run campaigns
Complex reporting to identify offenders
Excessive administration & time investment

Frequently Asked Questions

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