What is Atro?
Atro is a cybersecurity platform that delivers a suite of foundational cybersecurity tools in one platform.
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Framework of Atro platform
Atro fills the gaps in MSP's security lineup
You have gaps in your cyber stack. Atro can help fill them.
Atro helps you to bolster your cyber offerings to your customers helping you to better protect them.
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We’re in the business of helping you succeed
Atro’s platform is purpose built to help your MSP grow your cybersecurity businesses
Increase your margins
No long term contracts
 Replace expensive, time consuming point solutions
Save time
Provide a higher service level
Deliver superior security capabilities
Cut your existing costs
Grow new revenue streams
No matter where you are in your MSP journey
Moving from break-fix to recurring services or just getting started, we have solutions for you.
Just getting started?
Provide cybersecurity to customers
Re-evaluating your solutions?
Add new cyber offerings
“Atro has allowed me not only to provide my customers with better cybersecurity, but also to grow my recurring revenue base ”
Conner Wilkinson - Cascade IT
See How It Works
Increased, recurring revenue
Lower legal and business risk
Better client relationships
MSPs are overworked, under appreciated, and more at risk than ever
The stakes have never been higher for MSPs delivering cybersecurity services to their customers
Are you prepared for customer breaches?
When a customer gets attacked, the MSP is often the first one to be questioned. Sometimes this even leads to legal risk. If you’re not prepared, you are putting your business at risk.
Help avoid attacks on your customers
Help mitigate legal risk
Help grow your recurring revenue base
Sick of companies that overpromise and underdeliver?
We understand your frustration with tools that promise the world and don’t deliver. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver.
Easy onboarding
Seamless management
No long term commitments or contracts
Tired of managing and deploying complex tools?
Most cybersecurity tools are built as individual point solutions. As you add more solutions across multiple clients, your time quickly evaporates. We’ve focused on building and consolidating simple tools to save you time so you can focus on the things that matter.
Multi-Tenancy makes managing multiple customers easy
Runs automatically
Requires less of your time
Easy to scale
Atro Gets It
We’ve built our platform to be the anti-point solution...to save you time and help you get more clients and more revenue
The Atro Way
Our foundational tools get you from zero to revenue in no time at all
Multiple solutions in one place
Saves time via automations and simplicity
No long term contracts
Tools included to help you sell more cyber services
The Old Way
Complex, expensive, time consuming, disconnected
Multiple point solutions
Long term expensive contracts
Hours spent configuring and managing tools
Unhappy clients when things go wrong
Our MSP Friendly Features
Multitenancy done right
Built from the ground up to be an all-in-one extensible platform. Stop constantly logging in & out of systems. Our multi-tenancy is an elegant way to navigate between the different orgs you support.
Multiple accounts switcher UI
Lead generation tools for MSPs, Atro scanner and security assessment
Built-in lead generation tools
Atro’s Security Assessment and Device Scanner give you free & easy ways to assess a customer’s cyber risk and report it back to them. Show them you’re the expert!  
Branded customized environment
“White-labeled” solutions help you reinforce your branding with customers. Show your customers you are the expert not only through your level of service, but through your solutions.
Your logo here. Atro dashboard white labeled
How Atro saves time
Time-saving architecture
We’ve built Atro to save you time from creating customer accounts, to managing solutions. Our radical take on simplifying security will help you focus on the things you need to, like building your business.
How do I get started?
Our team of MSP sales experts are ready to help understand your specific needs & challenges and to help get you started in a way that works for you.
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